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Careers at Rip Curl

Careers at Rip Curl

We work hard, And we play hard... Come join our crew

From the ocean to the mountain, we create products that inspire ordinary people to live extraordinarily. To live The Search. Join us.

Rip Curl is a global company with small town roots, and since its inception in 1969 we have built a portfolio of over 300+ employees at the Global Headquarters in Torquay, and over 3,000 employees around the world.

To join the crew, see our available positions below.

Digital Marketing Internship

3 October 2019

Internship alert !

The digital team at Rip Curl SE Asia is looking for an organized and versatile e-commerce and communication intern to support the daily maintenance of the online business and social media. The person will collaborate with multiple stakeholders including Marketing, Operations, Creative to ensure deliveries of site content and product information.

Responsibilities :


  • Assist Social Media Manager and Marketing Manager in brand platforms realization and participate to content briefs
  • Content production (creation and writing) : social media posts on Instagram and Facebook
  • Communication plan and digital media promotion
  • Social Media KPI’s reporting
  • Online community building


  • Assist Web Project Managers on e-commerce platforms administration and website portals
  • Research E-commerce strategies
  • E-commerce sales administration
  • Social Media KPI’s reporting
  • E-commerce KPI's reporting

Basic Qualifications :

  • A great communicator and team player
  • Background or interest in e-commerce, communication and social media
  • Practical experience with new media marketing techniques
  • Currently enrolled in or just graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program

Ready to apply and work for the Ultimate Surfing Company ? Submit the following :

  • Cover letter showcasing your writing skills, general personality and motivation
  • Resume showcasing your relevant experience

Submit your CV to gamel.c@ripcurl.com and join us on The Search!

The Employee Profile

We strive to look beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking, and practice that in all that we do.

We are honest and ethical in our work and our behaviour, and believe that is imperative to succeed both personally and in business.

We genuinely live the lifestyle of The Search, as both a company and the crew within it.

We know that we must not only meet the expectations of our customers, but we must exceed them.

We respect and contribute to the world that allows us to follow our passions, in water and on land.

No one has ever been fired for going surfing - Brian Singer, Founder

What we care about

Our Core Purpose at Rip Curl is to provide an environment where Rip Curl crew can live their Search and feel the spirit of surfing in their work; and, to continually create innovative, functional and durable products for the Search.

This Core Purpose will never change, because it is a fundamental reason why people want to join Rip Curl – to work in an environment centred around surfing the oceans, riding the mountains, Searching...

What we need

We work hard. We play hard. We find ourselves in situations we never thought possible. We travel. We ride boards. We Search. And we put in the long hours that make that all possible. But above all, we are passionate... Are you?

Rip Curl is a company founded in history, and continues to be developed with its humble beginnings present in every aspect of the business. In order to work at Rip Curl, it is important to understand and respect that history. Learn more here


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