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Pill Font Story

The Pill Font is a modern take on the key Rip Curl font from the early '00s. This collection features heavy weight fleece, bold primary colours and centre front embroideries.


Servo is an homage to a life on the road, the search for a four n' twenny pie and choccy Big M, the sweet sensory cocktail of diesel fumes and brow sweat... A collection of essential pieces for every surfer on there way down the coast. There's no sense in nonsense when the heat gets hot. Pull in to Servo and refuel here.

Mick Fanning

A collection that's fit for a King, explore our range of hand-picked surf clothing, wetsuits and hardware chosen by three times Word Surfing Champ, Mick Fanning.


Team tested, the Rip Curl Anti-Series was built out of the need to be drier, warmer and more comfortable in a wider range of conditions. An evolution in classic surfwear, Anti-Series brings technology and performance together to create the ultimate product for life on The Search.


VaporCool doesn’t stop sweat – it simply keeps you cool, which means there’s no need for that pesky perspiration.


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