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Rip Curl Cup - Mega's Winning moments

29 July 2020

Rip Curl Cup - Mega's Winning moments

Mega Semadhi and Padang Padang have a very special relationship... Growing up surfing Bingin he had the perfect place to hone his Tube riding skills before moving to the big leagues of the Bali Pipe. It was only a matter of time before Mega won the Rip Curl Cup.. Here we take a lookback at his first win in 2013 (Red jersey) and again when he brought th Cup home in 2016 (White Jersey) against some of the best Tube slayers on the planet! After being chaired up the beach to the stage with his Mum, together they sang the Indonesian National Anthem in front of his home town crowd. It doesnt get any more special than that!


The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang cannot run this year

So we have put together a selection iconic Padang Cup moments that will take you right back to the Island of the Gods reminding you what a mythical beast Padang Padang is and how much fun we have showcasing the best tube riding on the planet each July!

Rip Curl Cup Month Updates


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