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Jadon Scures - King Of Benoa 2017 Wakeboard and Wakeskate Champion!

3 April 2017

Half Thai, Half American and living in Bali, Indonesia all his life, maybe that’s partly why this 12 year old has special talents no one in the World Of Wake has ever seen before!

Jadon Scures has only been riding a wakeboard for 18 months and is already winning every category in his age group at Wake Skate and Wakeboard. After driving past Bali Wake Park everyday on his way to school, one day his dad finally stopped the car to take a look, from that day on he rides most days after school and every weekend.

"I enjoy anything that’s on board!" - Jadon

The regular footer enjoys any sport that consists of riding some kind of board, whether its Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, he loves it all “I enjoy anything that’s on board!”. If you ever happen to go to Bali Wake Park, there is no doubt that you will find him having fun doing his all time favourite maneuver, the Butter Slide.

Jadon definitely has a big future in front of him with wakeboarding, with all this passion he has for the sport and the effort he puts into improving, he’s just gonna get better and better by the day, getting him closer and closer to his future goal of “Having an impact on the sport”. Watch out for this little guy… one day he might just make a world champ!


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