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Diah Rahayu

Diah Rahayu

Name: Ni Kadek Diah Rahayu Dewi
A.K.A: Diah
Dob: March 8th 1994
Resides:Seminyak - Bali
Height:: 165cm
Training Ground: Double Six Beach - Bali
Favorite Wave: Canggu & Mentawai
Inspirations: Stephanie Gilmore, Carrisa Moore, Mick Fanning.

Diah Rahayu was one of the first women who really started looking at surfing as a career in Indonesia. She is motivated and optimistic, and acts as an inspiration for women in Bali dreaming of learning to surf.

Diah has a passion for the ocean and spends her time travelling Indonesia, and the world, in search of perfect waves.



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