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Women's Swimwear & Bikinis

  • Beach Bazaar Swimwear Collection

    The sun blazes down, browning your skin and lightening your hair. The noises of a bustling market nearby waft down to the quiet shore. There's nothing quite like the enticement of the hidden gems in a beachside bazaar.

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  • Alana Blanchard and friends - Video

    Welcome to the Pacific, a vast and striking space of ceaseless beauty. This is where My Bikini comes to life. Explore with Alana Blanchard and friends in the My Bikini 2017 Summer Video Clip.

  • Eastern Tide Swimwear Collection

    There's something so... dreamy... about spring. The beauty of wandering an exotic tropical garden as it begins to bloom, the romance of an early morning spent as the waves gently lap the shore. Inspired by blossoming, oriental gardens in sprintime, this is Eastern Tide.

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  • Hot Shots Swimwear Collection

    Inspired by the salt and sun and fashion that is the North Shore of Oahu, Hot Shots is all about standing out, having sun and going surfing.

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  • Chicama Swimwear Collection

    Named after the world's longest shore-break in Peru, Chicama is a collection where waves meet bustling markets, busy streets and the small of spices as you explore. It will transport you to the vibrant bazaars of Peru!

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  • Mirage Essential Swimwear Collection

    The Mirage Essentials are unlike anything we've done before. We took our knowledge of surfing and technical fabrics and wove what we found into timeless, simplistic swimsuit fashion. The result? Performance and style at the highest peak available.

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  • Villa Suka Swimwear Collection

    Long days in the sun followed by relaxing evenings on your villa's balcony, staring out as the sun lowers behind the horizon. Clink glassed with your best friend, dangle your feet in the pool and embrace that Bali Boho vibe.

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  • One Piece Swimwear

    Where function meets fashion. Our one-piece swimsuits are a surf to boardwalk no-brainer, just chuck on a pair of shorts or a cute denim skirt and you'll be ready to go. And don't forget your UV rash vests for hitting the water, a must-have staple for every girl's swim drawer.

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