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  • Playa Blanca

    Inspired by hot days, summer rays and empty white sand beaches. The Playa Blanca Collection is perfect for every afternoon spent under the sun. With breezy fabrics, soft florals and fresh colours... it will be your new go-to.

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  • Searchers

    Our focus always has been, and always will be on The Searchers. Created to be tough enough to withstand the rigours of your Search, crafted with the highest quality materials... these products will only get better over time. The Searchers; it’s a good, honest collection for your life on the road. #Searchers

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  • Paradise Cove

    Inspired by the golden days in Waikiki, Paradise Cove is your must-have bikini print this season. Mixing a unique Hawaiian palm print with a playful abstract spot, this collection is filled with eyecatching contrast and relaxed, island vibes.

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Bombshell Series

Featuring superstretch neoprene styles that combine high performance, style and quality; add flexibility, durability and comfort into the mix - the Bombshell Series of Wetsuits for women is the ultimate in women's wetsuit technology and design.

Island Time

Soft hues, native florals, a sense of effortless beauty. Featuring premium swim and lightweight beachwear, this is the Island Life collection. Each piece strives captures the essence of island life... simple, remote, a sense of allure.

Mirage - The Surfers Bikini

The Surfer's Bikini - This best of the best, the Mirage Bikini and swimwear collection is known to be the ultimate performance swimsuit collection for women. By combining our knowledge of surfing with high performing materials and swimwear technologies, we created the ultimate performance bikini for women.

Surf Essentials

The smell of the ocean quietly breezes in through the window, sun slanting through shutterboards. Outside the ocean is beginning to glisten, the palm trees starting to sway. The island is waking up. Welcome to the Pacific, a vast and striking space of ceaseless beauty. This is where My Bikini comes to life, amongst the crystal blues of the waves and sky, the vibrant greens of the jungle, the shimmering whites of empty beaches. Explore. Surf. Relax.


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